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Robyn Tyler

2312 W 22nd St
Sioux Falls, SD
Res: 605-321-7717

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WELCOME To Lions District 5SE

We are located on the eastern side of South Dakota; part of the MD5 District. We currently have 40 Lions, and 1028 members in the District.

   Our District Governor for the Lions Year 2022-2023 is Lion Robyn Tyler

To revitalize is to restore something to life or give it new life or vigor. Revitalizing adds newness and strength, it increases excitement and improves outcomes.
All living things need to have a period of revitalization every now and then. Lions Clubs are made up of living beings and these clubs exist in communities that are alive and vital.
When was the last time your club held a new service project?
Added a new member, or had a social event just to celebrate your members and the service you provide to your community and the world?
Lions Clubs International (LCI) offers so many tools to help clubs re-evaluate their presence in the here and now. Most communities or towns have changed in the past 10-15 years by increasing or decreasing population, a different business climate, and or a difference in the current make up of youth to elderly.
Is your Lions club meeting the current needs of your community?
By completing a community assessment, your club may identify a need that can revitalize the passions of current members, and interest potential new members when asked to assist in new community projects or service. You community assessment should include opinions from various groups in the community and should include persons from different ages, jobs, and stages of involvement within the community.
Some signs that your club may be in danger of burning out current members or presenting other threats to your legacy of service include fewer members attending meetings or planning sessions for projects; not bringing in guests, visitors, or a new member in the past year; or increasing negativity around club meetings and events.
It is normal for all groups to have a time when they become "stale". The important action is to acknowledge this and decide to try and change it. Remember, judgment has no place in Lionism.
Recognition, accepting that the situation exists, and working together to revitalize your group is what is important.
The time is NOW for clubs and individual Lions to take note. In the past twenty years, our Multiple District has lost nearly 16,000 members. At this rate our Multiple District will not exist in the next 20 years.
Club assessment information can be found here.
Remember, together we can and will continue our legacy of service to southeastern South Dakota. 

DG  Robyn Tyler